18 Jul 2016

Land Clearing

Clearing away trees, brush and other overgrowth is an essential step in preparing a site for construction. Naples Excavating can remove the unsightly brush and unwanted vegetation to ensure that groundbreaking can proceed according to your particular schedule. We use state-of-the-art equipment and specialized tools which allows us to clear away obstructions. The process typically involves a number of steps that must be completed to provide the best possible results…

  •  Cutting and Clearing
    Depending on the project Naples Excavating will use heavy equipment to remove trees and stumps. Some trees can be left in place or trimmed to suit the parameters of your project.
  •  Stump Removal
    Our excavator is the perfect piece of equipment to remove the remaining stumps after the trees and resulting debris have been cleared. Naples Excavating has wide range of equipment to get the job done on time and within budget.
  • Brush Removal
    After all large trees have been removed from the area, Naples Excavating will go over the construction site to remove weeds and undesirable vegetation. Once the area has been cleared and the final grading of the lot is complete, construction can begin.

By working with the professionals at Naples Excavating (www.NaplesExcavating.com/contactus), you can enjoy the best results and finest service for your construction project. We can provide you with the right site preparation solutions to suit your particular set of needs.